Cosmetic Dentistry (Esthetic Dentistry)

Looking great starts with a smile! Cheerfulness, openness and self confidence are transmitted by a bright smile.


A beautiful, healthy smile will brighten your life socially and professionally.


We specialize in transforming your smile while promoting long term dental health. Esthetic dentistry has advanced rapidly in recent years, offering a wide choice of possibilities once considered impossible. The position, shape and color of the teeth and the appearance of the gums can be dramatically improved using today’s new methods. In our excellent facilities we perform all these procedures with the utmost care, patience and skill.


Our approach to esthetic dentistry is a marriage of art and science: the art of smile design and the science of joint movement and bite stability, improving function as well as appearance. Utilizing techniques that span all areas of modern dentistry, we are able to achieve outstanding, long-lasting results that surpass the highest expectations of our patients.



Porcelain veneers, alternatively termed dental porcelain laminates, are the best choice when restoration is required to provide a symmetrical and pleasing appearance to the front ‘bow.’ Jagged, chipped or yellowed teeth regain their original shape and color, and gaps between the teeth – often simply a quirk of nature – can be closed.


Ultra thin layers of porcelain laminate are applied to the affected tooth. To ensure the permanent stability of the veneer, an extremely thin layer of enamel is removed. The main advantage of this treatment is that a crown is not required and the valuable original tooth remains in place. Due to the quality of the material, treated teeth can hardly be distinguished from natural ones!


The fabrication of a porcelain veneer is a complex process carried out by our dental technician in our laboratory. Close collaboration between dentist and technician is paramount to ensure perfection of color and shape. Although the thin layers of porcelain are very fragile and brittle, once they are bonded to a tooth, they become extremely strong and durable.


Recommended applications for restorative veneers:


  • Restoring damaged or deeply discolored teeth
  • Closure of gaps between front teeth
  • Adjustments to teeth of different sizes
  • Slight corrections of tooth alignment
Dental Composite Veneers

This technique is a reasonably priced alternative for the restoration of individual teeth. Very thin layers of dental composite material are placed on the tooth one after the other until the tooth is sculpted to the required shape. This method does not involve the participation of the dental technician and requires only one visit.


Dental composite cannot achieve the same degree of esthetic perfection as porcelain because it does not possess the same degree of translucency and light reflecting qualities. Even so, today’s dental composite can achieve an authentic replication of the color of the natural tooth, so that the difference, to the untrained eye, is scarcely noticeable. The disadvantage of this alternative is that the composite may become somewhat darker over the years, limiting its longevity.


Recommended applications for dental composite:


  • Treatment of broken or deeply discolored teeth
  • Closure of gaps between front teeth in limited circumstances
  • Realignment of differently sized teeth in limited circumstances
  • Slight corrections of tooth alignment

Medications, tea, coffee, wine or nicotine can cause discoloration and give the teeth a yellowish hue. These stains can be thoroughly removed by a Professional Cleaning. Whether the natural color is too dark, yellow or stained, the appearance of a single tooth or all the teeth can be dramatically improved.


Whitening can be carried out at home (Home-Whitening) or under supervision at our practice (In-Office Whitening). Whichever method you choose, we provide our expertise and supervision. The process is painless and totally safe. How long the results last depend to a certain extent on your consumption of pigment rich foods over the years. After two or three years – sometimes earlier – even whitened teeth can become discolored again. A simple repeat treatment is all that is required.


We recommend whitening for an investment in an eye-catching, attractive smile. Whitening not only gives you bright, healthy-looking teeth, but also helps to preserve the natural tooth substance. Before any additional treatments are carried out, especially to the front teeth, we always recommend tooth whitening. Then the treatment can be tailored in such a way that the final color of all the teeth is the same.



Home Whitening

This treatment can be carried out at home. We take extremely accurate impressions of your upper and lower teeth and prepare custom built whitening trays that fit snugly in your mouth. The trays are filled with bleaching gel and placed over your teeth. The close fit ensures the gel remains in the tray – in contact with your teeth – to derive maximum benefit from the effects. Choose a convenient and uninterrupted time to wear the trays. A typical course of whitening takes 7-10 days. We keep in touch with you to answer your questions and monitor the application time to ensure the best results.



In-Office Whitening

If you have a busy schedule you can opt for a quick whitening treatment at our practice. Developed and tested in the USA over ten years, this technique, ZOOM, can achieve the desired brightness in under an hour. ZOOM uses a light-activated whitening gel. It is fast, highly effective and totally safe. In our White Room, set aside for this purpose, you can relax while our experienced assistants carry out the treatment.

Gumline Recontouring

The overall symmetry of the gums is as important as even, regular teeth. Healthy, well-contoured gums frame the teeth. Esthetic periodontal treatment can correct uneven, asymmetrical gums, creating an esthetically balanced and enhanced framework for the teeth. A “gummy smile,” too much exposure of the gum above the front teeth, or a “long in the tooth” smile, caused by toothbrush abrasion can be significantly improved by simple microsurgical gum sculpting techniques using laser treatment.



Everyone desires even, attractive teeth. The prospect of metal braces, however, is certainly not pleasant. invisalign® is an almost invisible method of straightening teeth. Developed in the USA, this treatment has been used successfully for many years.


invisalign® is a virtually undetectable, comfortable and pain free method of straightening teeth. A set of transparent custom-fabricated “aligners” placed in the mouth gradually and sequentially move the teeth to their desired positions without wire or metal. The aligners can be removed and the teeth can be cleaned in the normal way, ensuring the maintenance of good oral hygiene.


How does invisalign® work?


First, in the initial consultation we discuss the options to treat your specific concerns. Once we confirm that invisalign® can correct your problem, we agree on your individual treatment plan. Then, using computerized technology and three dimensional modeling, we generate a series of sets of transparent aligners that correct teeth positioning without metal or wire. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks at a time. While you wear the aligners, the gentle and constant pressure moves the teeth gradually into the desired position. We provide regular supervision of the treatment. When all the sets have been worn, your teeth will have reached the required position. The treatment takes between 9 and 15 months, depending on your individual diagnosis.

Quelle: invisalign Technology
Quelle: invisalign Technology