Our mission is to provide exceptional dental care and quality personal service. Our goal is your long-term dental health. Appointments are made with minimum waiting time. We offer a flexible appointment schedule outside regular office hours when necessary. Conveniently located, the pleasant atmosphere at our clinic allows a relaxed and stress-free visit.

Your needs and our medical knowledge are our incentive.

Treatment Concept

We have identified the causes of gum disease and tooth decay. We know how to heal and – more importantly – how to prevent them. Our guiding principle is preservation not replacement. Practicing effective and regular oral hygiene keeps your teeth healthy, preventing the onset of disease. Your participation and willingness to do a bit more for your dental health is essential.


At our clinic we practice the entire spectrum of dental treatment. Both functionality – the structural integrity of your teeth, and esthetic quality -the appearance of your teeth – are the starting point for all our procedures. Only extensive training and experience ensure that we fulfill our high standards of quality each and every time – to the advantage of our patients.


We advise and you decide! We listen attentively to your wishes, carry out a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and design your individual treatment plan. Please ask us when something is not clear or you wish to share your thoughts. Our understanding of your needs, and your understanding – and approval – of all the procedures and treatment involved are extremely important. In this way we can successfully reach the goal that we strive for: a healthy natural smile that expresses the true personality of each individual.


The vision that gave birth to our practice was the recognition that the single specialist concept in modern dental medicine has developed and changed. It is not possible for one dentist to master all the techniques of the different disciplines involved in dental medicine with the same quality and expertise.


Our treatment concept – that specific treatments should be carried out by specialists with the necessary training and experience – is also the view held by our colleagues in the sphere of general medicine. Only in this way can the demand for high quality, long-lasting treatments be achieved. We have made it our goal to form such a team of specialists that strives to meet the highest standards of quality possible. The result – a dental center – the organizational basis for a highly specialized practice where patients can rely on results of the highest standard.